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What if monsters were real? Not as abominations lurking in the shadows...but cunning predators hiding in plain sight? Influencing every aspect of our world in ways we’d never dare to imagine? What if you became one of them?

Created over 25 years ago, its vast legacy of books, tv-series and games have influenced generations of supernatural media including film, fiction, and games. Explore a seductive, dark and menacing vision of a world infiltrated by monsters, beginning with the 5th edition of the classic tabletop roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade. 


Originally conceived as a reimagination of the World of Darkness, Chronicles is the ultimate tool for monstrous tabletop roleplaying. Play as one of a dozen creature types across as many compatible games, set in broken reflection of our own time. It’s hundreds of books are designed for players and storytellers who want to craft their own version of it’s modern gothic setting. Embrace your own shade of darkness with Vampire: The Requiem 2nd edition and a vast catalogue of companion games and supplements. Chronicles of Darkness is developed and published by Onyx Path Publishing.

Body. Mind. Soul. Go! Jump into your favorite anime series or super-hero comic book with “Big Eyes, Small Mouth” and “Silver Age Sentinels”, two tabletop role-playing games using the fast and elegant Tri-stat system. We have a licensed partner developing this beloved generic tabletop RPG system and it’s two most famous settings. Keep an eye at this place for more information about this in the future.

Chosen by fate, touched by the gods, you are one of the Exalted. The breathtaking vastness of Creation is yours to explore and conquer as you struggle find your place in an age of splendor, sorrow and strife. No ordinary hero is a match for you as you lay waste to dozens of enemies with a single blow, command the elements to raise mountains and let darkness into your soul to peer deep into the secrets of the past. Exalted is an epic High Fantasy setting like no other. Influenced more by global, nonwestern myth and Anime than by Tolkien or D&D, the world of Exalted is a monumental and highly praised work of the imagination where unexpected wonders await at every turn. The 3rd edition of the tabletop roleplaying game is available now. And that’s just the beginning. Exalted TTRPG is developed and published by Onyx Path Publishing under license from White Wolf Entertainment.

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