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Welcome to White Wolf

Welcome to White Wolf Publishing has produced gaming universes for over 20 years including World of Darkness, Exalted, Trinity, and many more. White Wolf merged with CCP Games in 2006.

In order to continue to support our existing RPG and LARP communities, we have entered into a number of partnerships with individuals and groups who can focus their full attention on the art forms White Wolf created and lived in.

Our Partners and Services

Digital Publishing and Print On Demand

Both new and classic White Wolf products are available for digital download and Print On Demand through DriveThru is headed up by former White Wolf President, Steve Wieck, and its rich White Wolf product library can be found here.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Our tabletop RPG publishing continues via Onyx Path Publishing. Onyx Path is headed by Rich Thomas, White Wolf’s former Creative Director going back to the beginning of the company and Vampire: The Masquerade, First Edition. More information about its publishing schedule and future plans can be found at

Live Action Roleplaying Games

Our live-action "Mind’s Eye Theatre" publishing returns by way of By Night Studios. By Night Studios is committed to continuing White Wolf's global renaissance in immersive gaming by publishing new Mind's Eye Theatre products for the World of Darkness. Modern game design meets the classic setting in their new projects. Learn more at

Live Action Organizations

The live-action experience is supported by a number of organizations, including the Camarilla fan clubs (led by Mind’s Eye Society) and One World by Night. The Camarilla is a network of licensed organizations all over the world that comprise a community dedicated to live-action experiences in both the Classic and New Worlds of Darkness, as well as giving back to the community.

One World by Night (OWbN) has grown from a network of a few loosely connected games to a full blown international organization unified by plotlines, genre, shared governance and the desire to have fun in a shared universe initially created by and continually inspired by White Wolf’s Classic World of Darkness setting. You can contact MES at and OWbN at

Collectable Card Game Organizations

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network is the Official Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Players' Organization dedicated to the continued health of V:TES. The V:EKN endeavors to help V:TES grow in popularity through the embracing of new players as well as through the support of the existing fans. You can find them at